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December 2015

New Year’s Eve: Last night of Yule (I think)

The new year is on it’s way, and I’m still coughing my lungs up. Another quiet New Year for me. Not that I mind, I’m in hibernation mode. At least the rain and wind have stop, for now. It’s actually quite pleasant in a chilly sort of way.

What have I been doing?

Taking some good advice and hiding from the world to recover.

Cleaning. It’s a family tradition, I’ve got to have the house clean and the bins emptied for the New Year and all the washing done, as there’s to be no washing on New Year’s Day.

Reading Lorna Smithers’s ‘Enchanting the Shadowlands’. Review to follow.

What I did on my Holy Days: Days five and six

I ate far too much sweet stuff and spent lots of time with my sisters and the children.

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What I did on my Holy Days, days 3 and 4

That’s yesterday and today.

I feel rough, really rough. I have the most awful cold but I’m soldiering on because tonight, once the sun sets, is Modranact – The Night of the Mothers. This is a very important night for me, and with New Year and Midwinters Day, are the highlights of the Yule season for me.  Continue reading “What I did on my Holy Days, days 3 and 4”

The Mother’s Night


In a silent night, many cries are stifled.
Lying-in waiting to revive a world of soul
Alight with meaning. For to love is a danger.
A stolen embrace places us in other’s hands.

Mothers, come and guard the path
Your dark wisdom will stir old seeds
Of life begotten before the age of coin.
A shiny child comes forth from nameless loins.

Truth is not chaste. It grows from earth
And rests within it, dormant in the ground.
The undead and the void trample upon her
And mistake its holy trees for cogs to grind.

No birth is painless. No night is ever safe.
Hold our hand firmly through bloody sacrifice.
Life was before the shrillest dawn of possession
And Life will be when the Mighty’s spell is broken.

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A Heathen’s Concern for Germania: Understanding Tacitean Historiographical Problems

This is an interesting discussion of a source I’ve read in the past. I was aware of the problems with Tacitus’s use of the Germanic tribes as a ‘comparison’ with Roman society. It’s fairly clear that Tacitus cannot be considered a primary source, since he never witnessed any of the things he recounted himself. Archaeology and other sources need to be read in conjunction with Classical sources.

Source: A Heathen’s Concern for Germania: Understanding Tacitean Historiographical Problems

What I did on my Holy Days: Day two

Midwinter’s Eve

I had a lovely meal cooked by candlelight, and my house is lit by candles. I plan to stay up as long as I can to watch as much of the night through as possible, but I also need to be up for sunrise tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to go to work tomorrow afternoon so I can’t stay up all night. It is most miffing.

What I did on my Holy Days: Day one

As I wrote in my previous post, I have decided that my observance of Yule began at sunset on 20th December – yesterday. I actually did celebrate, in a quiet way.

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Yule day 1?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…if you don’t mind wet, cold weather.

I do mind wet, cold weather, especially since I’ve spent a significant amount of time in train stations the last couple of days. It was siling down this afternoon in Harrogate. Continue reading “Yule day 1?”

How did I get here?

It’s not a new story. I’m sure. I was brought up in Lincolnshire in a vaguely Christian context and for much of my childhood I didn’t question anything. Continue reading “How did I get here?”

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