That’s yesterday and today.

I feel rough, really rough. I have the most awful cold but I’m soldiering on because tonight, once the sun sets, is Modranact – The Night of the Mothers. This is a very important night for me, and with New Year and Midwinters Day, are the highlights of the Yule season for me. 

Yesterday, my mother and grandmother arrived with packages for for. My grandmother has started giving me a food hamper for Christmas. I had to unpack it all yesterday, which was fun. It gave me a chance to clear out the cupboard. As usual I got a couple of tins of things I don’t like; I think I’ll give them to the local food larder in the new year.

I need to go out and get the food for tomorrow’s feast. My sister and her children are coming round, so I need treats to go with the sensible meat and vegetables. I has stopped raining enough to try so I’m going offline to bother the butcher and the frozen food shop.

Enjoy your festivities.