I ate far too much sweet stuff and spent lots of time with my sisters and the children.

Since my family are culturally Christian and at least some of them are actual Christians of the Anglican variety, the 25th and 26th of December are a big deal. Christmas Day and Boxing Day are usually spent with extended family, in my family at least. On Friday my sister and her children came to me and we had a meal together, and then yesterday we all went to my sister’s house for an afternoon buffet and silly games courtesy of my niece. I saw both my parents, in the same room at the same time (this hasn’t happened for some years as my Father’s wife is convinced he will run back to my Mother at the first opportunity, despite the fact that Mumsy has remarried). Basically, it was a noisy, fun afternoon of conversation and eating.

On Thursday evening I moved the embroidered rendition of a Matronae stellae from my alter on to the kitchen table and made an offering – rum truffle cakes, if anyone’s interested – and left the temporary alter in place until Friday evening. My sister knows I’m a polytheist so she didn’t bat an eyelid when they turned up and saw the Mothers presiding over our feast. It was pleasant to just be able to live my faith without needing to justify everything to the people I live with, since I live on my own now. My niece is curious about my alter enough to ask about some of the items on it, and my nephew thinks the clay boars head I made to go under the tree is cool. especially when I explained how to make it.

I also lit the candles around my fireplace, which is where my ancestor work takes place – I have artefacts and documents going back several generations stored in a wooden box belonging to my grandfather that acts as an alter.

Yesterday was tiring; I don’t think I even managed to light the alter candles; my cold isn’t getting any better, though I’ve mostly got my voice back, and family time is exhausting by itself.

The next few days are fairly quiet, at least until New Year’s Eve on Thursday, I’m going to take the time to rest, read, turn inwards and prepare for the new year. Yule can’t be all eating, drinking and merriment – it’s too bloody exhausting 😀

Enjoy your Holy Days