Morning all. I’ve been ill, but that’s the perfect time for reading I’ve found. Today I’d like to introduce you to ‘Your Face Is A Forest‘, collected essays and poems by Rhyd Wildermuth. Rhyd wrote this book in 2014 and his second book, ‘A Kindness of Ravens‘ will be available from the 20th. 

If you aren’t already familiar with his work, Rhyd writes for, and is Managing Editor of, Gods & Radicals, a website I really enjoy reading for its mix of poetry and politics. Mr Wildermuth also writes for The Wild Hunt along similar lines. He is a bard and tea drinker. He gives away a few copies of his book every month to the poor, which is how I got my copy last year (he even pays postage and doesn’t want anything in return).

Poetry and politics probably describes ‘Your Face Is A Forest’ quite well, although politics is never as overt in this collection as the poetry. And what poetry it is! Even the travelogue of a visit to Brittany and Germany is poetic. I love this book, it drags you in and doesn’t let go even after you finish reading it. It feels truly inspired by the gods and lingers.