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February 2016

I spend too much time listening to The Infinite Monkey Cage

I’m working my way through the last few episodes of The Infinite Monkey Cage, a science/comedy programme on BBC Radio 4. The most recent episode was about Climate Change but there are quite a few interesting episodes available to download. I’m listening to an episode from the end of January about ‘race’. The conclusion right at the start: race in nonsense – it doesn’t exist. They also discuss, passingly, colonialism and eugenics.


When polytheists go wrong

Photo post by @wiccanlez.

Source: When polytheists go wrong

Because it’s cute.

The Dragon of Marton Mere

From Peneverdant

P1130976 - Copy

Two miles east of Blackpool lies a lake called Marton Mere which was born when the Ice Age reshaped the land leaving a glacial boulder, a huge ball of ice thousands of years old. This melted a kettle hole and in the melt water a dragon formed serpentine, curious, luxuriating in her freedom to swim and lap at the thawing earth after enduring her icy bonds.

When the first people came and paddled out on animal skin coracles they were aware of the stillness of that depth. As they fished with bone hooks within a panorama of reeds and bulrushes amidst piping calls of wetland birds they often thought they glimpsed an eye beneath, a flash of shimmery skin, wondered if it was a giant pike, something more reptilian.

The dragon knew if she appeared in their reality she’d undo their minds and landscape. So she entered the dreams of…

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