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March 2016

More radio programmes

Or, in this case, a podcast.

Anyone else watch QI? I enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to Sandi Toksvig taking over from the next series; it should be interesting. The QI elves do a podcast called ‘There’s no such thing as a fish’; they are up to 106 episodes now. It’s very funny. They have four facts per episode then talk round them. Randomly, Corey Taylor was on episode 100.

Random fact from episode 95: deer will eat birds out of nests if they can get to them, and cows will eat meat if they can get it.

Cute dog picture


My little darling curled up on the sofa. Her name’s Ezzie, we’re getting caught up on ‘The Night Manager’. We’re on episode 4 at the minute.

This post has absolutely nothing to do with polytheism, I just feel like sharing.

Spring Equinox, Ostara and all that

Evening all, I know some of you’ll be or have been celebrating the Spring Equinox today. I haven’t. Oh, I’ve been enjoying the day and I rearranged the alter. It’s now in the sitting room and the Matronae have their own shelf and candle. I promised it to them if they’d help me get through a particularly tough time with my depression and financially.


Continue reading “Spring Equinox, Ostara and all that”

Potatoes, leeks and other garden joys


I went to the garden centre with my dad and sister today and did something I don’t normally do: I bought plants. Dad had bought an elephant stuffy off me for his wife so I had spare cash. Continue reading “Potatoes, leeks and other garden joys”

More radio listening

Because I spend too much time on my own I marathon listen/watch radio and television, and today I’ve been listening to BBC Radio 4’s Making History. It’s an historical and archaeological news programme. Continue reading “More radio listening”

Me being vain


That’s me!

I’m wearing a prayer cord I made for Nehellenia as a choker. It makes a good skinny scarf too. I like the colours, they remind me of the sea under a stormy sky.

Move over Easter Bunny, here comes the Easter Fox

The Christian festival of Easter is coming up, so here’s a post from Patheos about it.

Source: Move over Easter Bunny, here comes the Easter Fox

Polytheism in practice – a poor person’s perspective

I’m poor. Not ‘I live on the streets and beg for spare change’ poor but ‘juggling the choice of buying food this week or paying the rent for the month’ poor. I, at least, have a roof over my head, even if it is a bit rickety at times. Continue reading “Polytheism in practice – a poor person’s perspective”

Some Lincolnshire archeaology news


The remains of an Anglo-Saxon island have been uncovered in Lincolnshire in a significant find that has yielded an unusually wide array of artefacts.


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