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April 2016

Friday Is A Busy Day

I found a set of post about Eostre on the UK Heathenry Facebook page that I’d like to share. It’s written by someone who uses the nym Cavalorn on Livejournal and apparently every year he does a post debunking various ‘Easter’ myths. This year he decided to make a case for Eostre and the festival of Eostur. Continue reading “Friday Is A Busy Day”

Attempting to meet new pagan people (and failing miserably)

I’ve often wanted to meet more people who have similar beliefs to me but I’ve always been a bit put off by the in-fighting I see online, and my anxiety condition. A few weeks ago, in a fit of bravery I joined two UK based heathen Facebook groups, UK Heathenry and Asatru UK. They’re both closed groups so you have to request membership and wait. For some reason they let me join.
Continue reading “Attempting to meet new pagan people (and failing miserably)”

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