I’ve often wanted to meet more people who have similar beliefs to me but I’ve always been a bit put off by the in-fighting I see online, and my anxiety condition. A few weeks ago, in a fit of bravery I joined two UK based heathen Facebook groups, UK Heathenry and Asatru UK. They’re both closed groups so you have to request membership and wait. For some reason they let me join.

There’s a lot of cross-over in membership, and a lot of focus on Viking Age/Scandinavian religion and the sagas, which isn’t really where I am. So far, I’ve found another polytheist in Northern Lincolnshire who is more  Iron Age/Anglo-Saxon/local land and water spirits focused. We have the Humber in common, which is always good and had a discussion about wetlands and some of our favourite places for walking along the Humber bank. It’s quite a relief to know I’m not all that odd, or if I am there are other odd people around that I can chat to. Today I realised I recognised one of the members of AUK from a dating site I’ve been attempting to use (bit of a failure so far but I have to try to meet new and interesting people somehow). That made me laugh a bit; not in a bad way, just at the improbability of it.

I want to try to go to a Moot this year too. I’m probably going to Nottingham in August for Pagan Pride, but that doesn’t really count. There’s the Lyndum Thing at the end of May bank holiday weekend, organised by AUK, but I can’t afford the cost of camping, and public transport, as well as the stress of attempting to get all my equipment there with two dogs in tow on trains and buses. Shame really, it seems like a friendly group. Maybe next year?

Better go, it’s dinner time and I may have a nap afterwards.



Edit: I joined a couple of Lincolnshire specific pagan groups on Facebook; one of them has a monthly moot near me, but it’s still out of reach because there’s no public transport. However, the group admins have asked to see if anyone from my area can give me a lift. So that’s something.