Several years ago I had a rather nasty industrial accident and damaged my back – for which I am now having physio and am regularly in pain with – and I’ve finally received a small amount of compensation for my injury. Most of the money has gone on restocking my entirely empty cupboards and fridge freezer, as well as paying debts and bills.

I did, however manage to treat myself to a few books and and new sewing machine. I’ve got a few ebooks and some physical books.
The books that have arrived are:
Pagan Britain by Ronald Hutton, which is about history and archaeology. It’s wuite interesting so far, although I’m only a few pages in and reading about the ‘Red Lady of Pavilland’ who was actually a young man who died about 40000 years ago. It’s a chunky book so I’m going to be reading it for a while. (Paper back)

Seeking the mystery by Christine Hoff Kramer, an American theologian writing about pagan theology. It’s taking a bit of getting into but I’m persevering because it’s interesting. (Ebook)

When a pagan prays by Nimue Brown, I haven’t started it yet but I’m looking forward to reading it. (Ebook)

Living with honour by Emma Restell Orr, a classic work of pagan ethics, again I’m really looking forward to reading it. (Ebook)

The other books are about feminism, and one, Girl Up, is for my niece’s 14th birthday present. Her birthday isn’t until November but I want to get it while I’ve got the money.

In other news, my cold is mostly gone but the hay fever is still here, and you should hear my cough. It’s very phlegmy. I’ve been able to do stuff though this week, and I’ve m ade some stuff for the craft fair I’m at on Sunday. Oh, and I finished a quilt today. I’ve been working on it since January but had to wait for money to get material, wadding and bias binding to finish it off. My sewing machine came in handy too. I love my new sewing machine, I’m waiting for some material to arrive so that I can finish a quilted play mat for my cousin and his wife who are expecting twin girls in a few weeks.

In the garden, my peas are growing well and today I’ve planted dwarf runner beans and dwarf french beans. I’ve got some planters and small plants on order; as soon as they arrive and my sister gets me some compost, I’ll plant the rest of the bean seeds as well as the plants. I’m hoping I’ll have a good harvest this summer. The garlic is doing well, the leeks are a bit dodgy, only 12 out of 23 have survived so far.