I finally started my Nehelenia embroidery today. I would have started it earlier but I got distracted by playing with my new sewing machine đŸ˜€

I’ve outlined the design with tailors chalk so it wont last long, just long enough for me to get the main bits in, like the frame and the boat. The image of Nehelenia and her dog will have to be a bit less planned out; I like to sew images as they come but the general pattern is set. She’s probably going to be sat on a chair on the deck of a boat with a bowl of apples on her lap and her hound by her side.

Other than sewing I’ve done a bit of work in my  garden, finally got the carrot seeds and the lettuce, chilli and cucumber plants in the planters. My broad beans and French beans are sprouting and the pea plants are starting to climb, slowly. The potato bag is overflowing with greenery, I just hope it’ll give me plenty of potatoes. I still need to plant up the tomato plants and sow some more beans to give me a later crop, but they all need to wait until I can get more compost.

I’ve got a fire basket now so I’ll be able to celebrate some festivals with appropriate burny-burny things. Also, reclining chairs and a decent table. It’s great, I had my dinner out in the garden this afternoon then had a nap. Considering I had my dinner at four and had only just woken up from a three hour nap, it was quite good going. To be fair, I’m recovering from a busy week, insomnia on Saturday and forgetting to take my medication yesterday morning. I was a bit of a mess, so sleep is good. I’m feeling more human now, but I think I’ll have another early night, especially as I have to be up in the morning to catch a train to Sheffield.

My flower bed in the front garden has provided some lovely marigolds and love-in-a-mist stalks for the alter. The love-in-a-mist is mostly foliage at the minute but it looks quite good. I like this time of year, flowers and soft fruit everywhere. Also, it’s my birthday two weeks on Friday.