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June 2016

Belated birthday/early Litha

It was my birthday yesterday, I was all of 33. This evening a friend has been round to enjoy a drink and the fire as we celebrated Summer Solstice in our own quiet way. The sun finally came out at 6p.m. just as my friend arrived. She’s gone now and I’m going to relax in the garden while the solstice fire burns down and enjoy the last of the light.


Met a new pagan group last night

Last night was fun, but I’m exhausted!

I took a trip through to Scunthorpe on the train (yay for trains!), to got to the Abus Coritani monthly moot. They were all very friendly, mostly witches and druids but one other heathen too, and I felt relaxed enough to actual talk to people. We discussed a variety of subjects pulled from a jar. The venue was lovely, but I’m going to have to take more cash next time; I want some of that lovely ice cream!

I got a lift back to the station with a couple and I’m trying to arrange a lift to the summer solstice ritual. If I can get to Scunny someone might give me a lift. I’d like that. Apparently there is feasting and shenanigans 😀

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