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August 2016

I am on holiday for the first time in 16 years. I’m in Paris with two of my closest friends. We got a bit lost but made it eventually. We are now watching the Olympics and drinking tea. 

Good news 

I’ve had some good news and a brilliant peice of feedback on the manuscript for my first novel. I don’t normally write about my writing her but I wanted to share sonme good news for a change.

I applied to study the MA Creative Wrtiting course at the University of Lincoln and they sent me an unconditional offer this afternoon by email. I immediately replied and accepted the offer. I have the last bit of financial paperwork to send off tomorrow after sewing club and then I wait for the enrolment paper work to come. I’m rather excited; it’s part time, one day a week but it’ll help me get out of the house and go for a train ride once a week, plus I’ll get some professional training and help with the writing.

That brings me to my next bit of news. On Saturday I went to a local writers event at Grimsby Library to do some networking and find out what platform people prefer for publishing their books. It was very interesting, I was given four books to review and one of the authors, Joy Wood, asked if I’d like her to read my MS. and she’d give me some feedback. I was flttered obviously; I can’t imagine anyone outside of my family wanting to read my stuff, but I sent it to her Saturday afternoon. She emailed me last nigtht full of praise for my novel.

I’ve finished your book, and all I could say is wow – you certainly have a great talent! Your writing flows beautifully. The story was well thought out, and the writing so good, if felt more like I was watching it rather than reading it.
Joy Wood, Author

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