I had to put the heating on yesterday morning. 

It’s that in between time when it’s freezing in the morning and the late afternoon but during the day it’s boiling, or at least tolerable. I never know what to wear.

I’ve started my MA at The University of Lincoln. I had my first day of seminars and workshops last week. It’s only one day a week, and one workshop plus one seminar per day, but I’m enjoying it, and it’s exhausting me slightly. It’s all the walking I have to do. It’s only a three mile walk to the train station but once I add in getting from Lincoln station to university and then back home again it adds up. Plus, people all day long, chattering constantly. They don’t seem to understand the concept of silence. The train is bad in the evening, one carriage for all the people leaving work etc. I end up squished, tired, overwhelmed by noise and really grumpy.

Last Saturday I took a trip to Leeds to see the Staffordshire Hoard exhibition at The Royal Armouries. It closed on Sunday so we just managed to see it. The exhibition was called ‘Warrior Treasures’, and ficused on sword furniture found in the Hoard. It was very interesting and there was some basic background information that I needed for my research (my next novel will be set in the late seventh century and the wars between Mercia and Northumbria). Overall though, I think they could have tried for a bit more dept to the exhibition. I did like the structure of the space and the Beowulf quotes, as well as the reconstruction of the damaged artifacts.
A few of my photographs from the visit

In other news, a Lincolnshire Heathens Facebook page has been set up and there is a moot tomorrow. It’s a closed group but easy to join if you send a request. Just search ‘Lincolnshire Heathens’ if you’re in or near Lincolnshire and are interested in heathenry.

The moot details are here:


I’m not a mod or anything by the way, I just think it’s nice that someone is trying to get a community together. There tends to be a lot of isolation and internet only communication among heathens (which I don’t mind, that’s my preferred form of socialising). Local groups are useful even if it’s just to remind people they are not alone.