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November 2017

Book reviews: A couple of witchcraft books

I review books on my main blog and I thought I’d share a couple of books I received recently for review. They’re more appropriate for this blog than my main book blog; I’m focusing on history and crime over there. You’ll have to excuse the use of US $ for the prices, I couldn’t find the UK £ prices.

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Tea time by candlelight

I’ve been away for far too long, but it’s time I made a return and actually made an effort with this blog. Sorry, I’ve been so busy with my book blog and writing novels. I’ve published one novel and in December I’ll be publishing the second novel in the series. I may or may not have mentioned time, but I moved house in late July too and it left me very unsettled, mentally and physically. I think my hips and back have finally recovered and my mental health is fine, so long as I get my medication on time.

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