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That I thought might be of interest to followers of this blog: Path of Paganism, by John Beckett.

Published By: Llewellyn Worldwide Publication Date: 8th May 2017 Edition: Paperback I.S.B.N.: 9780738752051 Price: $19.99 (US) Blurb The Path of Paganism provides practical advice and support for living an authentic Pagan life in our mainstream Western culture. Witches, druids, polytheists, and other Pagans will discover an experiential guide to the foundations and practices of these […]

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Review: ‘Zen for Druids’ by Joanna van der Hoeven

Good evening. I’m spoiling you all aren’t I? Two posts in a week(ish).

I normally reserve reviews for my other blog,, but I thought I’d write this one here for a change. It seems relevant. I have a standard format for reviews, which, if you’ve ever been to my other blog, you’ll probably be familiar with. Onwards then.

Published by: Moon Books

Publication Date: 25th November 2016

I.S.B.N.: 9781785354427


Price: £8.99

Book received free in return for an honest review (My reviews are always 100% honest)

Official blog; Website 

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I spent money I didn’t have,

And it was mostly worth it.

What did I spend my precious resources on, I hear you ask.

A book and a journal, I answer.

The journal, Gods&Radical’s Beautiful Resistance #1 ‘Everything we already are’, was published in November last year. I got mine in December I think. I ordered it when I had a bit of cash then had to wait for delivery. At the time I had a part time job as well as my benefits so it wasn’t too much of a difficulty, but that’s another story.

I really enjoyed this mix of essays and poetry, it made me think, and cry and get angry. The cover is lovely and the production quality is reasonable. There were some spelling errors in the essays, more than I would expect in a professional journal. I found some of the essays went a bit over my head, full of philosophical jargon but for the most part the content was highly readable and interesting to a wide audience.

Issue two is published May Day 2016 and will be edited by Lorna Smithers, a Lancashire poet and Brythonic polytheist. I am very much looking forward to it, if someone could loan me the £20 for  two issue subscription that would be fantastic. *cheeky grin*


The book I bought, on a whim, was Pagan Planet: Being, Believing and Belonging in the 21st Century, edited by Nimue Brown. It’s a collection of essays from a variety of pagans about their lives as pagans in the 21st century. Some were long, some short and most interesting. Obviously, I did disagreed with one or two of the writers, for various reasons, but then very few pagans will agree on every aspect of their beliefs. Live and let live, and all that. It’s an interesting collection but disappointingly, most of the writers come from the UK or US. With the exception of an Aussy witch, of European extraction, there was nothing representing pagans from the rest of the world. Honestly, if you’re going to use ‘planet’ in the title at least make the effort to reach out beyond the Anglosphere.

Book Review: ‘Your Face Is A Forest’ by Rhyd Wildermuth

Morning all. I’ve been ill, but that’s the perfect time for reading I’ve found. Today I’d like to introduce you to ‘Your Face Is A Forest‘, collected essays and poems by Rhyd Wildermuth. Rhyd wrote this book in 2014 and his second book, ‘A Kindness of Ravens‘ will be available from the 20th.  Continue reading “Book Review: ‘Your Face Is A Forest’ by Rhyd Wildermuth”

Book Review:Enchanting the Shadowlands, by Lorna Smithers

Happy new year and all that. I got some money for Xmas and immediately bought Enchanting the Shadowlands by Lorna Smithers, a Brythonic Polytheist in Lancashire that I’ve had some conversation with and whose writing I admire. She is a poet and story teller, and will be editing the second issue of the Gods&Radicals journal, A beautiful resistance. Lorna’s blog can be found here; I thoroughly recommend you read it. Continue reading “Book Review:Enchanting the Shadowlands, by Lorna Smithers”

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