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Holy Days

Glade Eastertid

It’s official. We’ve reached the full moon in April and Easter has begun. Different people celebrate for varying amounts of time. I think I’ll keep my Easter decorations up until May Day.


We had some lovely weather over the weekend, up into double figures. There were the first BBQs of the year (I smelt them from a distance) and I ate in the garden.

Today I’ve had a bit of a tidy up in the back garden, dressed my alter with fresh flowers from the from garden and planted some sunflower seeds in a pot to get them started.

Nothing exciting but it words for me. Going now, out of spoons.


Friday Is A Busy Day

I found a set of post about Eostre on the UK Heathenry Facebook page that I’d like to share. It’s written by someone who uses the nym Cavalorn on Livejournal and apparently every year he does a post debunking various ‘Easter’ myths. This year he decided to make a case for Eostre and the festival of Eostur. Continue reading “Friday Is A Busy Day”

What I did on my Holy Days: Days five and six

I ate far too much sweet stuff and spent lots of time with my sisters and the children.

Continue reading “What I did on my Holy Days: Days five and six”

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