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Belated birthday/early Litha

It was my birthday yesterday, I was all of 33. This evening a friend has been round to enjoy a drink and the fire as we celebrated Summer Solstice in our own quiet way. The sun finally came out at 6p.m. just as my friend arrived. She’s gone now and I’m going to relax in the garden while the solstice fire burns down and enjoy the last of the light.


Update: 30th May 2016

I finally started my Nehelenia embroidery today. I would have started it earlier but I got distracted by playing with my new sewing machine 😀

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Books and gardening

Several years ago I had a rather nasty industrial accident and damaged my back – for which I am now having physio and am regularly in pain with – and I’ve finally received a small amount of compensation for my injury. Most of the money has gone on restocking my entirely empty cupboards and fridge freezer, as well as paying debts and bills.
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Attempting to meet new pagan people (and failing miserably)

I’ve often wanted to meet more people who have similar beliefs to me but I’ve always been a bit put off by the in-fighting I see online, and my anxiety condition. A few weeks ago, in a fit of bravery I joined two UK based heathen Facebook groups, UK Heathenry and Asatru UK. They’re both closed groups so you have to request membership and wait. For some reason they let me join.
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Cute dog picture


My little darling curled up on the sofa. Her name’s Ezzie, we’re getting caught up on ‘The Night Manager’. We’re on episode 4 at the minute.

This post has absolutely nothing to do with polytheism, I just feel like sharing.

More radio listening

Because I spend too much time on my own I marathon listen/watch radio and television, and today I’ve been listening to BBC Radio 4’s Making History. It’s an historical and archaeological news programme. Continue reading “More radio listening”

Me being vain


That’s me!

I’m wearing a prayer cord I made for Nehellenia as a choker. It makes a good skinny scarf too. I like the colours, they remind me of the sea under a stormy sky.

Polytheism in practice – a poor person’s perspective

I’m poor. Not ‘I live on the streets and beg for spare change’ poor but ‘juggling the choice of buying food this week or paying the rent for the month’ poor. I, at least, have a roof over my head, even if it is a bit rickety at times. Continue reading “Polytheism in practice – a poor person’s perspective”

What I did on my Holy Days: Day one

As I wrote in my previous post, I have decided that my observance of Yule began at sunset on 20th December – yesterday. I actually did celebrate, in a quiet way.

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