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radio programmes

More radio programmes

Or, in this case, a podcast.

Anyone else watch QI? I enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to Sandi Toksvig taking over from the next series; it should be interesting. The QI elves do a podcast called ‘There’s no such thing as a fish’; they are up to 106 episodes now. It’s very funny. They have four facts per episode then talk round them. Randomly, Corey Taylor was on episode 100.

Random fact from episode 95: deer will eat birds out of nests if they can get to them, and cows will eat meat if they can get it.

More radio listening

Because I spend too much time on my own I marathon listen/watch radio and television, and today I’ve been listening to BBC Radio 4’s Making History. It’s an historical and archaeological news programme. Continue reading “More radio listening”

I spend too much time listening to The Infinite Monkey Cage

I’m working my way through the last few episodes of The Infinite Monkey Cage, a science/comedy programme on BBC Radio 4. The most recent episode was about Climate Change but there are quite a few interesting episodes available to download. I’m listening to an episode from the end of January about ‘race’. The conclusion right at the start: race in nonsense – it doesn’t exist. They also discuss, passingly, colonialism and eugenics.


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