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Tea time by candlelight

I’ve been away for far too long, but it’s time I made a return and actually made an effort with this blog. Sorry, I’ve been so busy with my book blog and writing novels. I’ve published one novel and in December I’ll be publishing the second novel in the series. I may or may not have mentioned time, but I moved house in late July too and it left me very unsettled, mentally and physically. I think my hips and back have finally recovered and my mental health is fine, so long as I get my medication on time.

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Midsummer in Lincolnshire

Last Sunday was fun, I went to my first open ritual with Abus Coritani at Saxonhouse. 

The format was generic druidry, I suppose and I didn’t really relate to much of it, except the calls to the ancestors which made me cry. However, the community feeling was lovely and sharing food and fire was a massive part of that.

Part of it was filmed and is available here, about two minutes in: 

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