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First harvest of 2016

Poh-tay-toes, boil ’em, mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew!

Honour to you Ing, Bringer of Peace and Good Seasons, for full bellies and fresh food from the Earth.

I’ve just emptied my potato growing bag for the first earlies I planted in spring. Not a huge harvest but theyll keep me going. 

My peas and beans have started to flower so hopefully I’ll be harvesting them in the next few weeks. I’ve been taking salad leaves for the last couple of days. My strawberry plants are flowering and putting out new runners, which I will be carefully cultivating to get more plants. I’m very excited about my pear trees; they seem to be thriving this year and I should have four or five pears to harvest.

Also, meet Hubert, birthday dragon and house/garden guardian.

Cute little begger, ain’t he?

Update: 30th May 2016

I finally started my Nehelenia embroidery today. I would have started it earlier but I got distracted by playing with my new sewing machine 😀

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Books and gardening

Several years ago I had a rather nasty industrial accident and damaged my back – for which I am now having physio and am regularly in pain with – and I’ve finally received a small amount of compensation for my injury. Most of the money has gone on restocking my entirely empty cupboards and fridge freezer, as well as paying debts and bills.
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Potatoes, leeks and other garden joys


I went to the garden centre with my dad and sister today and did something I don’t normally do: I bought plants. Dad had bought an elephant stuffy off me for his wife so I had spare cash. Continue reading “Potatoes, leeks and other garden joys”

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